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She helped me through so much, legal and emotionally. Everything I asked for I won.

This woman saved my life, I was so young and gullible when I got married, 10 years later it ended horribly. She helped me through so much, legal and emotionally. Everything I asked for I won. Her biggest referrals comes from my ex husband.

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I am so happy I chose Diana Rader to represent me. You will not find a better lawyer in the courtroom, or better legal advice outside of court. While other lawyers will make your promises they can’t keep, Diana will give your honest advice that will help you obtain the best possible outcome without wasting your money. Her integrity, honesty, and fierce advocacy is second to none
Janis R

Diana saves my sanity and my life, as well as my son. I had a disastrous divorce. I didn’t know about Diana initially and my divorce attorney was not skilled enough against my soon to be X husband’s attorney. Long story short after the divorce I was left with my son split between two house holds and virtually no support after 20 years of an abusive marriage. My son began to complain of similar abuse from my X. I found Diana, who with compassion, skill, strength, and knowledge fought my X for custody and fair support. My son, through Diana’s hard efforts, was awarded to me with full custody and he was then able to thrive and feel a sense of security. He now is about to graduate from ASU and is a great and mature young man with a good head on his shoulders. He wants to be a psychologist to help kids like himself during divorce and abuse. I was able to also thrive and pick up the piece of my life and after 10 year my life is amazing withany goals obtained. Diana was and still is someone I would trust my life and that of my loved ones with.

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