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In July 2010, the Arizona legislature passed amendments to the public policy behind child custody designations in divorce and non-marital situations. The legislature determined that all children should be entitled to equal and meaningful contact with both parents, and given as much time as possible with each parent.

Because of this change, family courts take a new perspective in custody disputes and often start with the idea of time split equally (50/50) between parents. They then examine the statutory factors to issue a custody arrangement they determine is in the best interest of the child or children involved.

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Understanding the Different Types of Custody

In Arizona, there are two types of custody:

Legal custody: Legal custody addresses the decision-making authority regarding important issues in your child’s life. These include decisions about education, religion, and health care.

Physical custody: Physical custody addresses actual time with and access to the child. A parent may be granted this time but may be barred from making decisions.

Joint custody does not always mean equal legal and physical custody between both parents. Depending on the circumstances, both parents may have joint legal and physical custody or one parent may have legal custody and both parents the physical custody. Physical custody of a child does not necessarily mean equal parenting time with the child.

At Rader Law Firm, our attorneys can negotiate a schedule in your child’s best interest, with a custody arrangement tailored to meet your needs, such as equal time with both parents or visitation with a parent every other weekend.

Sometimes negotiation is not possible. If necessary, we will not hesitate to advocate for you in court so that a judge can issue a custody order that protects your child’s best interests.


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