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Dependency proceedings determine if a child is suffering abuse at the hands of a parent or caregiver. These hearings occur after a report has been filed claiming that the child is in danger. At Rader Law Firm, our Phoenix family lawyers can play a pivotal role in helping with this type of case. We represent those whose parental rights have been called into question by the Department of Child Safety (formerly CPS). We also provide counsel to grandparents who wish to protect their grandchildren during these types of proceedings

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How the Law Defines Abuse, Neglect & Abandonment

The court begins dependency proceedings when it becomes apparent a child may be a victim of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Arizona law states that an abused child has a parent or caregiver who initiates, permits, or causes physical or mental trauma to the child. Abuse or neglect also happens if the parent or caregiver fails to provide for the child’s health or allows a child to be victimized sexually. In this case, the child is considered abused whether or not the culprit is identified. The court may also deem the child abused or neglected if a parent or caregiver is unable to care for a child for any reason. For example, this might happen if the parent is serving a jail term. Abuse and neglect also occur when a parent or caregiver abandon the child, whether or not the child is left alone or with another person.


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These sensitive cases demand a great deal of experience. There is so much at stake in a juvenile dependency case—above all, the life and welfare of a child. An unfair or unjust ruling can have devastating effects on the child, as well as the family. Our attorneys at Rader Law Firm have 19 years of experience practicing family law, and take a special interest in juvenile dependency cases. Trust our family law attorneys in Phoenix to protect what matters to you most.

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