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Parenting coordinator services provide a channel for maintaining a sense of order and harmony in post-divorce settlements. With the assistance of the court, the two parties agree to appoint a qualified legal professional called a parent coordinator, who helps resolve conflicts and makes recommendations to the court when the two parties cannot agree. Rader Law Firm are proud to offer these services.

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The Benefits of Parenting Coordinator Services

Clients who request our parenting coordinator services in Phoenix do not have to wait for an official court hearing to settle parenting disagreements. Instead, they arrange meetings as the need arises. This saves a good deal of time and energy, and helps prevent the stress associated with a court hearing. Children benefit immensely from this service, as the parenting coordinator takes their opinion into account, as well.

Disputes resolved through a parenting coordinator may include:

  • General enforcement of the parenting plan
  • Changes to visitation schedules
  • Decisions about extracurricular activities
  • Fights about who pays for what
  • Resentment over late pick-ups or drop-offs
  • Introducing children to a new partner

Professional mediation can increase communication and satisfactory outcomes while decreasing time spent in court and money spent on legal fees. Children may also become better communicators and problem-solvers as a result, giving them skills that will be useful for the rest of their lives.

Experienced Family Lawyers Who Care About Your Family

Our family attorneys at Rader Law Firm have 19 years of experience practicing family law. We are well-versed in the conflicts and issues that arise in divorce and co-parenting situations, making us exceptionally qualified to offer parenting coordinator services. Our legal professionals are trained to act as a neutral party in conflict resolution, facilitating compromise and de-escalation of heated arguments. Trust us to help you resolve your parenting disagreements.

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