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Domestic violence can tear families apart and shatter lives. If you or a loved one is the victim of domestic violence or feel threatened by a spouse or family member, the family attorneys at Rader Law Firm can help you seek the protection you need to keep you safe. If you have an order of protection, or restraining order, issued against you, we can help protect your rights in civil proceedings. Our Scottsdale family law attorneys have experience representing both sides aggressively and compassionately, and we are ready to be there for you.

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If You Are the Victim of Domestic Violence

In Arizona, domestic violence can include acts of outright physical violence, as well as threats, harassment, intimidation, stalking, unwanted touching, and other acts. For those dealing with domestic violence or abuse, orders of protection are designed to provide safety and distance from the offender. Depending on the circumstances, an order of protection can limit or completely eliminate contact the offender is allowed to have with you. Our lawyers can help you apply for an order of protection, working quickly to help you obtain the protection and the peace of mind you need.


If You Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence

Not all domestic violence accusations have merit. In fact, it is not unheard of for one spouse to obtain an order of protection against the other for the purpose of gaining an advantage in divorce proceedings. We provide aggressive legal representation for those who have orders of protection issued against them.

If you have had an order of protection issued against you, you could face consequences such as:

  • Losing the right to enter your own home
  • Losing custody and visitation of your children
  • Losing your right to own a firearm

For the accused, domestic violence is a civil and criminal matter. Our lawyers can represent you in all of the civil aspects of your case, including your hearing to contest an order of protection.


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